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As Air Creative is new to Ireland to the Irish market we are always interested in partnering with new people to grow its unique Scent Marketing and Odour Neutraliser product even further by expanding our nationwide and UK reach.

Air Creative Ireland is the sole distributor for Air Creative products in Ireland and the UK. It is a Swiss Air Refinement product, which is now being used in over nine countries across Europe in a wide range of premises including areas such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Corporate Offices, Entertainment and Automotive Industry.

Air Creative in Switzerland has developed a unique patented natural odour neutraliser called “Airomex®”, which makes short work of any bad odours that may be present in commercial businesses. Similar products in Ireland at present just mask the odour by releasing a synthetic scent to cover it up. Airomex® doesn’t mask odours, it is a contact odour neutraliser that removes bad smells from the source. There is nothing more effective or environmental friendly like it on the market at present in Ireland. Try it for yourself!

This coupled with our scent marketing 500ml bottle unique scent compositions makes Air Creative one of the best odour control and Scent marketing solutions in Ireland today.


We are continuing to rapidly grow in our existing markets, so we are looking for support in other areas. Air Creative Ireland is seeking partnerships with progressive companies & individuals that share an interest in giving their client the best service possible. We pride ourselves on our high-quality product & brand design as well as unparalleled customer service. New distributors must share these same values, however, a range of diverse backgrounds and industries are always welcome.

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