Car Dealership Scenting


The main objective as a car dealership is to effectively market your brand and build customer loyalty.

We work with Car Dealerships to improve and elevate the ‘mood’ of a showroom by using our unique background ambient scenting systems.

We have developed strategic high quality scent compositions which can deepen your brand’s identity, increase value perception and create a pleasant and memorable experience for customers, but also form a stronger, more memorable connection with them.

Benefits of Ambient Scenting for your Showroom:

• Creates a pleasurable and calming atmosphere for your potential customers.
• Assists them in making purchasing decision.
• Improve customer experience.
• Increases willingness to buy.
• Make customers remember the pleasant experience they had as scent is linked to memory.
• Have customers coming back to your showroom.
• Bad smells are eliminated naturally from Cars.

For Valeting Department

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Because Air Creative is so effective at eliminating bad odours from business, Our Airomex® odour neutraliser system can also be used to neutralise bad odours that may be present in used cars and other vehicles.

When someone smokes in a car or has dogs in a car it is nearly impossible to remove the bad smell permanently. Bad odour molecules go everywhere – under seats, into the air ducts, into the fabric…etc That’s why it is so hard to remove a bad odour in a car by just using air freshener sprays.

Airomex® is an effective Swiss Developed natural odour neutraliser. The product is a ‘contact’ neutraliser- meaning we put the neutraliser at the source of the odour, the active ingredients in our Airomex® neutraliser interacts with the malodorous molecules to destroy the unpleasant odours, not just mask them.!

Using a cold evaporation process using a diffused dry mist, one of our units is placed in a vehicle and after a short period (approx 1 hour) any present odours are totally eliminated by this product.

Bad odours that can be removed:

Try it today and see how this innovative system can be incorporated into your car valeting service. Your customers will be amazed by the results.

We offer a FREE no obligation trial  to test in your Dealership. You can call us on 021-389808 to request a free trial or use our contact form to get in contact.