Scent Marketing Care Homes & Hospitals


As well as Air Creative’s Natural Odour Neutraliser for Nursing Homes. Our Natural Scent Marketing for Care Homes Scent Diffuser System is the ideal solution to create a positive atmosphere in any area.

We turn a negative experience into a positive one for residents, staff and visitors of aged care homes & Hospitals.

There are many benefits coming from using Air Creative’s Scent Marketing Diffusers with elderly people:

Benefits using Air Creative for Care Homes & Hospitals:

  • Our Product is a Natural Product which composes of Essential Oil Scent Compositions. (see a sample of our Scent List here:
  • Scent is linked to memory and helps to recall pleasurable nostalgic memories.
  • Scent affects emotions and is able to induce feelings of calm and reduced tension and anxiety.
  • Our Essential Oil Scent Compositions contain antibacterial properties which reduces airborne viruses and Bacteria.
  • Our Air Diffusers have the advantage that they can be Mobile, Wall or ceiling fixed.
  • All our Air Diffusers have a lifetime guarantee.
  • Overall,  Air Creative’s Scent Marketing System will enhance the quality of life for your residents, employees and visitors alike.


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