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Positive Messenger Substances (Essential Oils)

Messenger substances that are used in room fragrancing can influence our feelings and emotions in a positive way. They can get us in the right mood, calm us or even arouse us, depending on the situation. We, therefore, only use natural fragrances, which through scientific and behavioural studies we have refined our unique compositions of scent in our laboratory in Switzerland.

Our laboratory and Air Creative’s “nose” have already proven the special effectiveness of this scent composition in a variety of independent studies.

Our Air Designer will happily show you what the possibilities are for getting the right indoor ambient air. And by undertaking a room analysis, you will not just get the right selection of messenger substances, but it will also show up where the problem areas are.

Some of Our Scents

Air Creative Essential Oil Scent List

You can call us on 021 4389808 or fill out our contact form if you wish to receive some samples of our scent compositions or if you have a specific scent in mind that you may wish to test out.