Odour Control and Scenting Solutions for Smoking Areas


Everyone is familiar with the problem of cigarette smoke and how it can be unpleasant for both smokers and non-smokers alike. Non smokers who enter a room where people have been smoking always find it very unpleasant. Business owners try to spoil their visitors with lavish surroundings, exceptional food, entertainment and customer service. But we accept unpleasant stale smoke odours with virtually no resistance.

Sometimes business owners will use room sprays, but their effect wears off again after a short while. Air Refinement by Air Creative is the only effective remedy. Our Targeted odour elimination with Airomex® and the release of messanger substances create a very pleasant atmosphere – an ambience that will encourage visitors to stay awhile and consume.

Put it to the test and try it yourself. You can contact us on 021 4389808 for a FREE trail.