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Hospital Odour Neutraliser

Airomex® is Air Creative’s Swiss Made Care Home & Hospital Odour Neutraliser. It is a natural product that is very effective at eliminating unwanted odours. Unlike other products where the odour problem is masked with a plugin air freshener or chemical cleaning products, Our Nursing Home Odour Neutraliser eliminates the bad odours at the source without masking the problem.

Air Creative’s unique Airomex® air treatment odour neutralisation system can be utilised in patient rooms, hallways, waiting rooms, smoking rooms, common areas and toilets. Our system remove dust particles, eliminates odours and stale air and replaces it with a stimulating essential oil scent blend which has the added benefit of anti-bacterial properties.

See our Aroma List for a list of specially developed aroma combinations we created in our Swiss laboratory.

Benefits using Air Creative for Care Homes & Hospitals:

Natural Unique Air Refinement system

Used in 9 Countries across Europe

Swiss Developed Product

New Generation of Air Treatment

Life-Time Guarantee

Bottled in our own Laboratory in Switzerland

Air Creative does not 'mask' odour problem like other products

Airomex® is fully patented

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