Go Green for 2017! Substitute your Synthetic Air Fresheners to Air Creative

What makes Air Creative different is that its an effective Natural Odour Neutraliser.

Aor Creative-natural-odour-neutraliser

Its amazing in 2017 to see so many Nursing Homes, Hotels, Gyms, Public Toilets..etc still using strong synthetic scent spray machines to cover up bad odours. These chemical synthetic scents are actually doing people harm! Plus, they are not solving the problem. If anything these sprays add to the problem. The result is a toxic concoction in the air of the bad odour mixed with the ‘fake’ harmful scent.

For the age we live in regarding healthy eating, exercising, and going green – these synthetic scent machines are still accepted in society. Why? I suppose the reason may be down to the fact that theres no alternative in Ireland.There is nothing cost effective or strong enough to do the job by natural means.

In 2017 Air Creative is on a mission to get businesses to substiute their existing synthetic odour removal products by going green and by using a more effective natural alternative.

Put it to the test, call us today. Your customers, patients and staffs lungs will thank you for it!

Cian O’Connor