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Odour Neutraliser

What Really are Bad Odours?

We are all aware that bad odours exist in our lives and generally, it is difficult to avoid them. Everywhere we go, there are smells that disturb us to perceive the surroundings.

It is obvious that bad odours influence our behaviour and our mood very strongly. We feel uncomfortable and in order to avoid the odour, we change the place. The bad odours cause a bad mood and discourage people.

The Solution

The easiest way to eliminate bad odours is to ventilate the room. Nevertheless, it doesn’t always help. Our magic wand which is unique in Ireland is our natural odour neutraliser substance called  Airomex® which neutralises any bad odours that may be present.

What is  Airomex?

Airomex® is Air Creative’s effective Swiss Developed patented natural odour neutraliser product which is derivatives of corn sugar (betaine). It is a ‘contact’ neutraliser- meaning we put the neutraliser at the source of the odour, the active ingredients in our Airomex® neutraliser interact with the malodorous molecules and change them into the neutral salt. This process is natural and odourless.

Due to this unique odour neutraliser substance, your surroundings can be free of bad odours – without hiding them under various harmful chemical scent masks which in some cases can add to the odour problem and has a negative impact to the environment.

Odour Neutraliser Application


Our Odour Neutraliser is used in conjunction with our Swiss Made Air Diffusers which have a lifetime guarantee. Our Air Diffusers can be used mobile, Freestanding, Wall Mounted or Ceiling Fixed according to the client’s requirements. For more information on our air diffusers please visit our Air Diffusers section.

Air Creative is an innovative natural odour neutraliser which is already being used widely Across Europe and is now in Ireland. It can be used to great effect in a wide range of areas. Examples include:

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