Odour Eliminator For Car Valeting

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Because Air Creative is so effective at eliminating bad odours from buildings, Our odour eliminator system can also be used to neutralise bad odours that may be present in cars and other vehicles.

When someone smokes in a car or has dogs in a car it is nearly impossible to remove the bad smell entirely Bad odour molecules go everywhere – under seats, into the air ducts, into the fabric…etc That’s why it is so hard to remove a bad odour in a car by just using air freshener sprays.

Air Creative is a 100% Swiss natural odour removal product which is now being used by Car Dealers and Valeting businesses across Ireland as an alternative to harsh synthetic toxic pretender air fresheners which not only are ineffective, but they only mask the odour for a short time and are bad for your lungs!

Using a cold evaporation process using a diffused dry mist, one of our units is placed in a vehicle and after a short period (approx 1 hour) any present odours are totally eliminated by this natural product.

E.g of bad odours that can be removed:

Try it today and see how this innovative system can be incorporated into your car valeting service. Your customers will be amazed by the results and for Car Dealers selling a used car it is essential that the vehicle is odour free!

Why not put it to the test yourself and take advantage of a FREE trial by calling us on 021 4389808.