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Best Nursing Home Odour Neutraliser

Best Nursing Home Odour Neutraliser

Airomex® is Air Creative’s Swiss Made Nursing Home Odour Neutraliser. It is a natural product that is very effective at eliminating unwanted odours. Unlike other products where the odour problem is masked with a plugin air freshener or chemical cleaning products,  Our Nursing Home Odour Neutraliser eliminates the bad odours at the source without masking the problem.

We turn a negative experience into a positive one for residents, staff and visitors of aged care nursing homes.

There are many benefits coming from using Air Creative’s Nursing Home Odour Neutraliser with elderly people:

Benefits using Air Creative:

  • Eliminates and neutralises unpleasant Odours.
  • Our Product is a Natural Product.
  • No harsh chemical cleaning smells used which could create a negative environment.
  • Air Creative’s odour neutraliser eliminates bad odours at the source. We do not mask the problem.
  • Our Air Diffusers have the advantage that they can be Mobile, Wall or ceiling fixed.
  • All our Air Diffusers have a lifetime guarantee.

 Best Nursing Home Odour Neutraliser

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