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Best Odour Neutraliser for Hotels

Best Odour Neutraliser for Hotels

As well as having a Scent Marketing strategy to create the right mood in your Hotel, Air Creative has the added advantage of its patented Odour Neutraliser for Hotels product  Airomex® which is 100% natural. Airomex® is a contact odour neutraliser which means we eliminate the odour from the source without the use of any harsh chemical air fresheners or harmful ozone ionizers which have been found to potentially damage your lungs.

Areas where our Hotel Odour Neutraliser would be most effective include:

  • Smoking Areas
  • Food odours from the kitchen which can linger throughout the hotel corridors and other areas.
  • Leaking odours from rubbish waste Compound areas
  • Toilets.
  • Hotel gym & fitness centres including changing room areas.
  • Hotel Spa

Odour Neutraliser For Accommodation Staff

Best Odour Neutraliser for Hotels

As a member of the Irish Accommodation Services Institute (IASI), our Odour Neutraliser product has already been adopted by a number of Accommodation Managers in Hotels throughout the country who include our product as part of their housekeeping cleaning program.

What Accommodation Managers use our Odour Neutraliser for:

Smoking in Hotel Rooms

  • From talking to people in the Accommodation Industry we discovered that this is probably the number one problem Accommodation Managers face. If someone smokes in rooms it can take up to 5-8 days to clean to remove all traces of smoke odour before new guests are able to use it. This then reflects on a loss of Revenue for the Hotel as the room is unable to be occupied. Air Creative’s Odour Neutralise combined with our Mobile Air Diffuser Systems can remove all traces of tobacco smoke odours within 1 hour! No Lie.

To Freshen up Rooms before Guests Arrive

  • Our Product can remove any trace of any unwanted odours while leaving the room clean and fresh. As mentioned above already our product is 100% natural. The use of chemical odour sprays is then obsolete which means its better for the environment!

If you wish to inquire further or arrive a FREE trial and put our Odour Neutraliser to the test. Please contact us on 021 4389808 or by filling out our Contact Form and we will get back to you.