For Business Offices

Best Business Offices Odour Neutraliser


Air creative can be used in both small and large business office spaces to create a positive workplace environment. Our systems remove dust particles, eliminates odours and stale air and replaces it with a stimulating essential oil scent blend which has the added benefit of anti-bacterial properties.

Benefits using Air Creative in Business Offices.

As our odour neutraliser can be used with or without our essential oil compositions, these are some of the benefits you can get using our product.

  • Our Odour Neutraliser for Business Offices is a natural product which means it is safe to use in the workplace and food preparation areas.
  • Antibacterial properties of essential oils create a cleaner workplace with less sick days required this increasing productivity
  • Benefits Staff performance and Increases Efficiency
  • Removes lingering food odours from Canteen/Kitchen areas
  • Removes the smell of perspiration
  • Reduces Stress, relieves tiredness and improves alertness
  • Enhances your client’s overall impression of your business.

Business Offices Odour Neutraliser

Add Scent Marketing to your Business Office

As part of our total air refinement systems, we also offer our Scent Marketing stand-alone scent diffusers which can be placed in your waiting room or Reception lobby area to provide a subtle pleasant fragrance when clients or employees enter your business. Ideal for creating a great first impression for potential clients and visitors.

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