Scenting Solution for your Gym & Fitness Centre

“…a clean and crisp feeling.”

Scenting your fitness centre

Club managers are quite aware that undesirable smells are an inevitable by-product of fitness clubs. They do their best to eliminate porous surfaces and often scent the atmosphere with plug-in or handheld spray air fresheners. These devices only mask bad odours that only last a short time. However, the delivery of Air Creative’s unique 3-Stage ‘All in one’ system is the most efficient way to battle bad smells. Our system can be used in steam rooms, workout areas, studios and locker rooms. Our scents can also be used to invigorate those using the gym. This will convey a positive mood which will improve your customer’s well-being and result in customer loyalty.

Create the right scent for your fitness centre with Air Creative. Present customers with a clean fresh scent as they use your facilities.

Scenting your fitness centre

Your gym doesn’t need to smell like sweat. Use Air Creative to create a pleasant environment and gain an edge on the competition.


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