Retail Ambient Scenting Solutions

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Retailers are now contemplating the role of scent in the customer experience. Over the past few years, a growing number of retail chains have launched ambient-scenting programs in their stores to good effect.

Air Creative is the new generation of advanced scent diffusion . Our scent delivery systems are the ideal solution for your retail store and scent marketing program. It has been proven through research and behavioural studies that the right  premium scent prompts customers to linger longer in the scented area by 40% and increase their intentions to purchase by 80%.

Retail Scenting Benefits:

Evidence shows that the use of scent can have a significant and direct impact on retail business profitability as:
– It improves customer experience.
– It increases customer dwell time and willingness to buy.
– Using scent connects your brand with your customers on an emotional level.
– Scent increases brand loyalty.
– Scent offers more sales as scent helps customers to decide instinctively.
– As scent is linked with memory, customers will long remember the pleasant experience and will return.

Why Premium Scenting Works?

What Retail businesses are Scenting?

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