Odour Eliminator and Scenting Solutions for Public Restrooms

air creative toilet cleaner

Fecal-urine odours in high traffic restrooms are extremely difficult to address, even in frequently serviced and aggressively cleaned Public Toilet restrooms.

Traditional Public Restroom air freshener sprays or scent applications are in almost every case a synthetic, toxic pretender which only mask the bad odours. Spraying Concentrations of these chemical air fresheners are not natural and can be potentially harmful within a small radius of the appliance and are ineffective outside of this radius. They are going into everyone’s lungs!

The unqiue natural Odour Eliminator Airomex® from Air Creative is especially suitable and effective at neutralising odours in Public Restrooms, thanks to its Swiss Developed effective natural system. The bad odours are eliminated are the source, Air Creative does not mask odours like other products. Then the release of pure essential oil messenger substances create a very pleasant atmosphere.

Eliminate odours permanently in your public Restrooms and keep them smelling fresh and clean with Air Creative.

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