Facts & Figures

Aroma marketing with Air Creative is more than diffusing a pleasant fragrance in a space. Air Creative refines the air by removing dust and dirt particles and it neutralizes unpleasant odors using our patented Airomex® neutralizer. Once a blank canvas has been created, it then releases a subtle scent into the environment for customers, visitors and employees to remember and enjoy.

Aroma marketing is enhanced when the other sensory elements of the design are established. Sensory triggers such as lighting, sound and decor create a longer lasting emotional connection with customers if they are aesthetically pleasing.

Our sense of smell is more sophisticated than any of our senses as scent receptors in our nose are linked directly to the part of the brain responsible for memory and emotion.

“The human sense of smell influences 75% of our daily emotions, mood and desires”


Numerous research reports demonstrate the positive impact of professionally scented retail space on consumer behaviour.

Research by the University of Paderborn found that individuals surveyed before and after a room was perfumed with a lemon scent were 14.8% more ready to make a purchase and customers period of stay (strolling and looking around) increased by 15.9% in the scented environment. Other findings include an 18.8% increase in readiness to communicate and a 14.8% rise in readiness to come into contact with products.